Doula Support

Thinking about having me as your doula? If you are here I think you want your birth experience to communicate to your baby that the world will be beautiful and safe – and full of your love and support, when they need it !​

And you kind of know the power of your own mind and if you can just have some tools …you should be fine.

Well, you’re half right! You already have the power, intuition and, in most cases, capacity and design to have an instinctive and empowered birth. Sadly however, today with increasing rates of intervention and a culture with a high value for a medicalised, linear approach, these attributes may not guarantee the birth you envision nor plan for.

Adding a Doula into your birth team is an evidenced based tick in the right direction. Evidence strongly supports having a Doula increases birth satisfaction, reduces intervention, Caesarean birth and use of pain medication as well as increasing baby wellbeing immediately after birth. It is your circle of protection from external circumstances and is carefully chosen to increase your opportunity for a positive experience.

I teach and honour not only the physiology of birth but the psychological shifts in consciousness that present. I believe they are purposeful experiences, superbly orchestrated to provide the necessary learning and challenge required for you to become the mother your baby needs.

 I will love and celebrate all of you.

As your doula, we co-create a unique relationship during your pregnancy.  

And I will share my wisdom, experience and knowledge of birth, the practices I loved, some I didn’t but you might, and importantly I will learn to anticipate your movement.

I have taught Hypnobirthing Australia™ for 6 years and birthed with hypnobirthing techniques. I know intimately the tools and concepts from your classes however I can support you with any learning you want to incorporate into your birth space. 

Additionally my postpartum studies give you an opportunity to prepare during pregnancy for after the birth too, which I also value as super important time in a woman’s life to be supported.

 Often we focus entirely on birth without thinking about the support needed in the early weeks of being a mother to this new human in your life.

Would you  like to ask me a question yourself and have a quick chat to see if I really may be your cup of tea ? 

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