Doula Support

Looking At Having Me As Your Doula ?


I Am So Glad You Are Here and Wise Thinking Too, Especially If You Are Birthing In Hospital?


Here’s why…

During Pregnancy your body is already hormonally for birth.  

And furthermore, unless there is a medical circumstance, your body will have  the capacity  to birth your baby and intuition that will help guide you to birth your baby.   


Your body and baby know how to birth  safely and you have amazing hormones and physiology  that assist the process. 


And basically you do not have to do anything to have this amazing super power-like ability. 

It happens unconsciously. 


And when you feel safe, well supported and allowed the time  your birthing body will open, in all the ways, to bring your beautiful baby earthside.  

Yet, here’s the frustrating thing…


… Sadly today , women are birthing in a system that has rapidly increasing rates of intervention in a birth culture  that sees women and birth as fitting  in linear time frames, needing to be managed, a lens that views birth as more likely to go wrong than perfectly right and often presented in ways that are not evidenced based OR just according to hospital policy.


When you get ok with the fact that,  that IS the system, then you have an opportunity to put some actions and things in place that increase the chances of getting the birth you want. 


Having a doula increases the chance that  your pregnancy care is individually focussed and centred on your body and baby.  



Adding a doula into your birth team is an evidenced based tick in the right direction.


Research (2017) supports having continuous ongoing support, such as a doula as part of your birth team. 

The research showed that having this type of ongoing continuity of care:


  •  increases birth satisfaction
  • increases spontaneous onset of labour
  • reduces instrumental vaginal birth
  • decreases caesarean birth
  • decreases use of pain medication
  • and has a positive impact on mother baby bonding.
Furthermore this support person was in addition to your birth partner.  
It’s specialised  expertise that works alongside your birth partner, to ensure you  get the support that makes a difference to getting the birth you want from the birth you don’t. 



Having a doula helps you move toward the  birth you want and decreases the chances of unnecessary medical intervention.

And I would love you and your partner  to feel fully supported  throughout your pregnancy and as you birth your baby.

This is  the moment you are literally  bringing new life into this world  and birthing this new evolution of yourself. 

So  let’s work together to make your birth a highlight and one where you felt fully supported.


Doula “Full Support” Package… 

The Way We Make The
Difference To Your Birth Experience …


2 x 90 minute in person sessions (during pregnancy) 

1 x 60 minute Zoom session (during pregnancy)

Voxer Support 

At birth support (hospital or home birth)

“On Call” two weeks either side of your EDD

1 x Post  Birth meet & Debrief

1 x Pregnancy Nurture Box

Full season Pregnancy Circle Access

1 x  Bonus  Birth Meditation MP3 

Introductory Price … $1,333

Book in a 30 minute free discovery call to ask a few questions on how I can help you move towards the birth you want.