Pregnancy Support

Birth is one of the big life moments right? 


 It is transformation.

It is magnificence.

It is intense. It is a mystery. 


And while birth is a most special, exciting welcoming of a baby into a family – it is also the birth of a woman into a strong healthy mother.


 It is a dynamic, significant, sometimes uncertain time for a woman as her identity begins to change.


Do you feel this ? 


Pregnancy and birth are a rite of passage and you will be changed forever, either unconsciously or consciously .  


And I’m guessing thou you  are approaching birth consciously, right?


So the support you receive and seek out matters. 


I offer birth preparation, mentoring and pregnancy circles to create opportunities for women like you to feel supported as they navigate their pregnancies and prepare for the birth of their babies and the birth of themselves. 

I support women as they work with  the  wild depths and potency  of their  birthing self. 

I support your partner to be the support you need and yearn for and importantly makes a difference in your birth outcome.



My areas of expertise and passion include:

Hormonal physiology of birth and intuition

Creating super clear birth vision

Body work and practises to embody movement and energetic birth flow

Practises to anchor self- belief and groundedness in the body

Tools for birth

Effective Birth Partner Support 

Navigating birth choices and keeping the  system focused on individual care 

Birthing at home

Supporting hypnobirthing couples 😉

Here's how you can work 1:1 with me

That one thing

So you thought you were prepared, everything is going great then that one thing pops up – that niggling fear, that box that you didn’t unpack all of sudden is  All you can think of OR maybe you want a last minute  oxytocin boost to centre your body and ground you in a feeling of relaxation and calm. Or as is often needed just  a warm virtual hug  from me to you – to remind you that you can do this birth thing and find your belief and self trust again. If any of this resonates with you then i invite you to book in for Held …. 

It’s a 90m minute  Online  circle with just you and me – a breath practice, a movement practice, a guided relaxation, journal prompt and if you like a fear release. We follow up a week later and I’m available to you as you head to your birthing day. 

Inclusions :

1 x 90 minute Zoom  “Held Circle” Session

6 week Voxer Support (walkie talkie style support)

1 x 60 minute Check in  Zoom Session 


~Big Hearted Birth ~
Curate your Birth Education

It’s big hearted, intimate  and bespoke. 

Fantastic option if you have previously done another form of  birth education  OR want to up – skill on a particular part of the preparation for this pregnancy.

Create your own birth preparation –  tools ,  the birth support circle, understanding your physiology, navigating the system – please see above for my areas of expertise & passion. 


1 x 6 hour face to face session, includes lunch

1 x 60 minute Zoom follow up. 

Online Pregnancy Circle access over Pregnancy

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