Pregnancy Support

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

If you have found me you are looking to prepare for a positive, intuitive and, in the absence of a special circumstances, as undisturbed and oxytocin infused, as possible.

Birth is a feminine experience. It is transformation. It is magnificence. It is intense. It’s the ultimate in body function and entering the unknown. And while birth is a most special, exciting welcoming of a baby into a family – a highlight in life’s moments, it is also the birth of the woman into a strong healthy mother. It is a significant and dynamic time for a woman’s identity, her relationship, birth, postpartum time and matrescence.

I offer birth preparation, mentoring and pregnancy circles to create opportunities for women to evoke feminine energy, feel empowered and create an environment to be undisturbed and fully supported during labour and birth.

My work encompasses creating a balance between embodying movement and psychological safety and grounded-ness to work with the wild depths and magnificence of birthing energy.

My areas of expertise include: