Pregnancy Support

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

If you have found me you are looking to prepare for a positive, intuitive and, in the absence of a medical circumstance, as undisturbed and oxytocin infused, as possible.

Birth is one of the big life moments right? 

 It is transformation. It is magnificence. It is intense. It is a mystery. 

And while birth is a most special, exciting welcoming of a baby into a family – it is also the birth of a woman into a strong healthy mother. It is a dynamic, significant, sometimes uncertain time for a woman’s identity, her relationship, postpartum time and matrescence. Do you feel this ? 

Pregnancy and birth are a rite of passage and you will be changed forever.  So the support you receive and seek out matters. 

I offer birth preparation, mentoring and pregnancy circles to create opportunities for women like you to feel supported as they navigate their pregnancies and prepare for the birth of their babies and the birth of themselves. 

My work encompasses creating  woman -centred spaces that skill women to work with  the  wild depths and potency  of their  birthing energy. I support their partners to be the support they need and yearn for. 

My areas of expertise and passsion include:

Let me stop you here glorious woman for a hot little minute...

Maybe you are really early in your pregnancy and not even really sure on the birth experience you want.

Or maybe you are a little further along and  and want to check in with your intuition to make sure you are still  heading in the direction you desire.  Because if  you are either of these  then I invite you to download my Create your Birth Vision meditation.  

It’s the first step to getting clear on the birth you want to receive.