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 I help women and their birth partners feel fully supported, prepared and ready for labour & birth.

I help women relax into the wild depths of their birth experience, their partner’s support and the magnificence and function of their birthing energy.


Pregnancy support

Birth is a feminine rite of passage. It can be one of the most extraordinary and expanding experiences a woman and her partner can journey through. Pregnancy is an exciting opportunity to prepare the body and mind with tools and knowledge for how to birth. It is also a time to explore and transform the beliefs, stories, apprehensions and fears held to create what can an infinite number of possibilities for birth.


Circle Spaces

I facilitate monthly circle spaces for pregnant women to connect with other women, their baby, body and intuition. We practice techniques to calm and relax the mind, creating positive mindset for your birth. We also practice  feeling safe in the body & being responsive and attuned to the sensations in the body. We practice movement that helps labour and birth. It’s 2 hours of nurture for pregnant bodies, hearts and minds. 


Birth Support

The work I do during pregnancy sets up for one or two possible moments in birth. These include when the intensity of  birth, or the system challenges you  OR your ability to move forward in your labour. As doula, I  mirror calm, help shift energy and are a  a safe harbour until you remember your magnificent birthing self again. I am  a practical support to your partner to continue to provide solid presence for you to birth your baby. 

Let Me Stop You There Glorious Woman ...Just pregnant ?

Too often I hear women say I wish I knew that when I was pregnant and I do too- because preparation matters for birth
how do you know what you don't know, right ?

So I created an E-booklet which outlines the 5 things I wished all women knew before they birthed.
So you can feel confident and prepared when you birth your baby and avoid that "wish i knew that' type scenario.


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