I am an Undisturbed
Birth Visionary, Women’s Embodiment Leader, Sacred Circle Space holder & doula.

What I do

A woman in service to women who want to embody a sovereign birth and to honour pregnancy, birth and postpartum as majestic rites of passage.


Birth is a feminine experience of the body. It can be one of the most extraordinary and empowering experiences a woman and her partner can journey through. Pregnancy is an exciting opportunity to prepare the body and mind with tools and knowledge for how to birth. It is also a time to explore and transform the beliefs, stories, apprehensions and fears held to create what can an infinite number of possibilities for birth.

Circle Spaces

Circle spaces are a gathering of women who want to feel their feminine energy flow, their courageous hearts beat and bloom open possibilities within the self to transform, live, birth and love more vividly.

I facilitate monthly circle spaces for pregnant women and spaces for women to come as they are, re-connect and connect with others.

Doula Support

The work we do during pregnancy sets up for one or two moments in birth. The moments when the intensity of  birth experience, or the system challenges you and you doubt your capacity or  your resolve (or that of your partner) to birth. As doula I will  mirror calm, and be a safe harbor until you remember your magnificent birthing self again. I will be a practical support to your partner to continue to provide solid presence for you to birth your baby. This changes birth. 

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