About Me

I help pregnant women have a woman-centred  pregnancy  and be fully supported in labour  and birth.  

I am mother to three boys and I have experienced three births – my first birth was in a hospital and began my odyssey really loving the endorphin fueled feeling of birth.


My second pregnancy took me half way across the world and back again to experience a completely intuitive birth with only my husband in the room.

My third birth was three hours of working with my body, instinctual movement and breathing, fully supported again by my partner and independent midwife.

Both of my homebirths were completely undisturbed and are my becoming and greatest gifts.


 In 2021 I completed  Birth Doula Training with Melbourne’s highly respected, Rhea Dempsey. 


 For 5 years I  loved teaching couples hypnobirthing  techniques and supporting them with independent childbirth education. 


I have training in Embodied Leadership & mentoring with Julie Tenner, Postpartum Doula studies with the Newborn Mother Collective and I hold a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education.

I am super interested in feminine and masculine energy dynamics, identity, human relationship, learning and expanding beyond the limitations of one’s current narrative and story to birth, parent and love with greater fulfilment and compassion.


And I would be so honoured if you chose me to support you  in either one or all of the many  ways  i offer support to women over their  birth and pregnancy.