Pregnancy Circle Spaces

Are you wanting to be supported fully as you navigate your pregnancy time?

Do you want to learn movement, breath and deep relaxation  for labour ?

Do you want to connect with your baby , intuition  and other pregnant women?

Does any or all of the above resonate, because if it does then I invite you to join Pregnancy Circle. 


What Is a Circle Space?

Throughout history, women have gathered every month – it was their time to come away from their everyday and be with the community woman. They shared rich conversations, restored their energy, healed their hurts and drank healing tea .


 Rites of passage  such as pregnancy and birth were honored and supported with simple ritual and love, from the collective wisdom of the women in the community, many  who had already walked those journeys.


It was an opportunity for a pregnant woman to be held by community during a time  of change in life  and identity as she embarked into the mystery and unknown of her birth experience and entered motherhood.  


Pregnancy Circle recreates this ancient rite of support and nourishment

 With  2 hours  of :

* Guided Relaxation & Meditation

* Breathwork

* Conscious Journaling

* Fear Release  

*Embodied Movement 

& Visualisation .

The intention  of circle is to immerse your pregnant bones in  deep nurture, presence and connection to your baby, body and intuitive knowing. 

I hold a space where you can feel safe to be with all the thoughts, feelings and wonderings that can arise during pregnancy. 

In circle the aim is not  to educate, fix or problem solve  what comes up during Circle . 

In contrast it is to  be with  your pregnant body, shift stuck energy and feel good in your body.

It is practicing trusting whatever comes up as on the way to you growth and becoming the woman that gets the birth she wants.

All you need to do is ….say YES!!!!

Pregnancy Circle are three session series so that each month you get to reconnect with your birth vision and alignment and remember, practice and reconnect with  your pregnant self, baby , body and intuition. 

Being guided and held by Cindy during her pregnancy Circles is so deeply nourishing and in my mind is essential in preparing for birth and your next evolution of mother/women. The nurturance and wisdom she provides as a birth keeper is truly unique .


Monthly Online Pregnancy Circle

3 x 2 hour  Circle Experiences   $99

Online Pregnancy Circle Dates

 (Sundays  At 2pm)


2022  Program



APR 03, MAY 01, JUN 05



JUL 03, AUG 07, SEP 04



OCT 04, NOV 06, DEC

3 x 2 hour  Circle Experiences   $99


Monthly Online Pregnancy Circle