Circle Spaces

Are you feeling tired with deep-boned exhaustion that doesn’t seem to ever abate?

Are you experiencing outbursts of frustration, dissatisfaction and anger that swirls, dissipates but never seems to be fully released?

Do you want to reconnect with your vitality and remember the feeling of a deeply rested body and soul?

Do you want to enjoy more vibrantly the life you are living?

Does any or all of the above resonate, then I invite you to come and sit in Circle Space with me, drink tea and experience the gift of time to connect with other courageous women who I guarantee will most probably feeling and experiencing life, similarly to you.

What Is Circle Space?

Throughout history, women have gathered every month – it was their time to come away from their everyday and be with the community woman. They shared rich conversations, spoke their truth, healed their hurts, ate the fruits of life, and drank healing tea and most probably luscious wine.

They were offered comfort in times of pain, rejoiced in times of celebration, they danced, they slept, they unplugged from their everyday lives. Rites of passage were honored with simple ritual and love, from the collective wisdom of shared experience and from the women who had already walked those journeys. It was a well- spring of deep nourishment, rejuvenation, connection with self, other and to the divine feminine.

Fast forward to time as we know it and I ask how often three hours are dedicated to this type of reverent and radical priority of self-care.

Where and when do you get the opportunity to reset the nervous system, be grounded and increase your capacity to hold space for the people who rely on us?

I create sacred circle space experiences for this very purpose.

I invite you to join me in a space of reverence for reconnection and rejuvenation. 

A space to unravel, re-discover and re-vitalise the body, mind and soul through the weaving of storytelling, creativity, journaling, music, meditation, art, movement and visualisation.

I invite you to enjoy the potent magic of Circle, community and the ritual of drinking tea.