Pregnancy Circle Spaces

Are you wanting to be held in strong space as you navigate this rite of passage over birth?

Do you want to embody movement, breath and deep relaxation  ?

Do you want to connect with your baby, body  and intuition ?

Does any or all of the above resonate, then I invite you to come and sit in Circle Space with me, experience the gift of presence to connect with other courageous pregnant women who I guarantee will most probably feeling and experiencing life, similarly to you.


What Is Circle Space?

Throughout history, women have gathered every month – it was their time to come away from their everyday and be with the community woman. They shared rich conversations, spoke their truth, healed their hurts and drank healing tea .

 Rites of passage were honored with simple ritual and love, from the collective wisdom of shared experience  from the women who had already walked those journeys.

 It was an opportunity to reflect trust and safety over a crossing into the  unknown and new phase of life . 

Circle includes:

* Guided relaxation & Meditation

* Breathwork

*creative process

* Conscious journaling

* Fear Release  

*Embodied movement  &

*visualisation…(all great for labour too).